A big part of what a strategist does is bringing certainty and confidence of action to people with mortgages who are never really 100% sure of what they are doing.

This calls for a solid outlook on things. Knowing what works how and why so, going for the tried and tested methods, repetitioned patterns of thought and FGI-approved gold-standard cultural tropes.

It’s understandable. And properly navigated, yields results. But over time, it can really fuck us.

So that we are always right. So that we cannot see beyond our daily goal-oriented thinking. So that we keep framing new data to old preconceptions. So that we kill the creative process before the briefing even starts. So that we miss answers hiding in plain sight, beneath the known, registered and obvious.

That’s why there’s this place. A place to entertain all kinds of speculative, indefinite notions on brands, markets and people. Found on the margin of current trends and dominating marketing concepts, written on the margin of day-to-day briefs and agency tasks. So that we do not lose sight from the less common paths that may lead to much greater returns.